Protecting your brand, intellectual property and rights in the digital world

Brand Protection

Increasingly, your brand IS your business and safeguarding your brand is critical. Let Bolimini International help.

Online brand protection combats the loss of revenue, reputation and customer trust that occurs when someone else exploits your brand for their own gain.

Intellectual Property

Your intellectual property is valuable. Bolimini International can work with you to make sure your copyrights,trademarks and patents are protected.

Intellectual property refers to creations of the mind: inventions; literary and artistic works; and symbols, names and images used in commerce. Intellectual property is divided into two categories: Industrial Property includes patents for inventions, trademarks, industrial designs and geographical indications.

Additional Services

* Copyright filing and guidance
* Trademark filing and guidance
* Brand Market research for clients to make an informed decision on choosing a name
* Cease and desist letters
* Brand Consulting, Business Plan Structuring & Vision Mapping
* Brand Infringement Analysis
* Agreement drafting/negotiation
* License agreements
* Royalty structuring
* Partnered with IP Attorneys in Europe for cheaper and quicker expansion into the European Union.