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Intellectual Property Lawyer

Intellectual Property Lawyer in Los Angeles and Barcelona

Bolimini International offers exceptional assistance for anyone in Los Angeles or Barcelona in need of a top-rate intellectual property lawyer. Start-up companies as well as established businesses can benefit from our key services, which include intellectual property rights, cybersecurity, business law and more. If you have a business concept, we can provide you with critical guidance to protect it as your business becomes established.

Our company provides invaluable support to businesses of all sizes and during every stage of development. Startup companies can benefit from specific services. We help you to protect your IP address during this process while also assisting with pre-filing USPTO, searching and reporting, for example. The IP search and assessments are critical in determining if a competitor has already registered the copyright, patent or trademark.

We also assist individuals in filing copyrights correctly. Software programmers, musicians and artists need to protect creative works to benefit materially. We assist you in filing the copyright, and we also help you send cease-and-desist letters to anyone found copying your work.

Startup Law: Protecting Products from the Grand Opening Onward

Our company assists clients in need of IP business law services especially those trying to protect their brand as soon as their business is open. You can take advantage of access to a variety of critical legal services by contacting one of our startup law representatives at Bolimini International. Trademark filing is critical for building a brand and protecting your company name, even for startups. This is the key to gaining a market presence and generating sales. Our brand-assessment services help you to maintain your competitive edge.

Additional services include the following:

  • Patent Filing: Inventors can protect their start-up launch by ensuring that key technologies are properly registered and commercialized with this service.
  • IP Defense Representation: We can protect and represent your interests in cases where any party infringes on your IP. We have expertise in negotiations, licensing, cease and desist letters and more.
  • Statement of Use: This service helps you to prove that you’re utilizing your trademarks to the USPTO.
  • Six-Month Extension: You have up to two years use your trademark, but you don’t have to use it right away. We can file the appropriate extensions, which can be done up to four times.
  • Office Actions: The USPTO will send you an office action if there is an issue with your filed trademark. Making adjustments might be necessary to remain compliant and prove that it is a unique trademark that doesn’t infringe on an existing one.

Grow with the support you need to maintain critical systems and infrastructure while navigating complex legal environments. Our services make all of this possible, so contact our experienced team today, and get started on your new venture.

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