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Ryan Blaney

The Firm Ryan S. Blaney, Esq.

"I love working with entrepreneurs to help them realize their dreams and then watching their ideas and brands grow."
- Ryan S. Blaney, Esq.


  • 2005 Graduate of ESADE School of Law in Barcelona, Spain. Received an LLM in International Intellectual Property & Competition Law.
  • 2004 Graduate of Pepperdine University School of Law in Malibu, California.
  • 1999 Graduate of Claremont McKenna College in Claremont, California.
  • 2012 Panelist at the Mark Monitor Forum in San Francisco for "Perspectives in Brand Protection: Benchmarks for Success".
  • 2014 Panelist at the IP Summit in Costa Mesa, for "Monetization: The New Paradigm in Harvesting Intellectual Property".
  • Licensed in the State of California as well as the U.S. Central District Court for the State of California [Federal].

I've been trusted by many large firms to help them navigate the waters of ever-changing intellectual property rights and brand management... and I know the exorbitant fees they charge. Many small businesses with big dreams don't have the resources to pay those large firm fees, and they shouldn't have to.

I've worked for large firms in Europe and the United States, helping startups in technology, apparel, etc., to develop a brand and then protect that brand through Intellectual Property rights. One common pitfall for entrepreneurs is spending a lot of resources on a name or slogan they really like, developing a prototype, starting to market it and then getting hit by a cease and desist letter by somebody that already owns the trademark or copyright.

Either the dream is shattered, or a lot more money is spent to either buy a license to use the move-loved name or develop a whole different brand. Let Bolimini help you avoid the pitfalls. You can trust that with Bolimini International your DBA or LLC is registered in conjunction with your brand name ... taking the hard work out of building and protecting your assets.

Market research should be done with an attorney prior to launch to make sure your brand can be registered. Or, if an algorithm or patent, then a prior art check is done to make sure your new technology is actually patentable. An idea is as strong as its brand, so if legwork is not done on the front end, the innovation may all be for naught.

To register a trademark or patents takes several years, and often times entrepreneurs think its within weeks. This often causes a shock and delays. Along with my trusted colleagues in the US and Europe, Bolimini International can help make this process less stressful and less expensive than using a large firm.

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