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Business Law

Business Law in Los Angeles and Barcelona

Bolimini International offers support and assistance with various aspects of the law to individuals interested in setting up a new company anywhere in Los Angeles or Barcelona. Businesses may require assistance when starting up in a new marketplace. There are many ways to form a business, and the organizational form can determine many things about how the company will operate in the future. This process can be easier when you speak with an experienced legal professional who is familiar with the particular types of ventures in this region. Ensure that your new company is set up for success by going through an extensive consultation process that covers all of the key bases.

Entity Formation

Clients looking for specific services like entity formation can turn to the experts at Bolimini International. Entity formation is a specific process that helps you protect the business from liability while also planning a viable tax strategy. Examples of common entities that can be formed include the limited liability company, or LLC, and the S-Corporation. These business entities are considered to be separate entities from the owners for legal purposes.

To qualify, they must be filed correctly according to state laws. Our services can help you to determine which entity is most suitable for your business purposes, and we can also help you to register the new entity with the state authorities.

Forming a new company can be significantly easier by using our services and taking advantage of the various supports we offer. We provide critical support for creating contracts and agreements. Our services include drafting and even negotiating various documents. These may include contracts, non-disclosure agreements, software agreements, license agreements and more. We will also ensure that your website privacy policies are compliant with all state, federal and international guidelines. Finally, we provide outside general counsel assistance, and we also ensure that our services translate overseas. Contact one of our qualified representatives today to discuss how we can help you form a new business entity.

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