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Bolimini International Law Group, PC

Business Law. Technology Law. 
Intellectual Property.
Protecting Dreamers

Our passion is seeing entrepreneurs realize their dreams and watch their brands grow. We have BIG Firm, Boutique Firm, and In-House Experience. Businesses with big dreams should get the personal attention they deserve without exorbitant legal fees.


A Place of Refuge for All Your Legal Needs.


“Protecting my clients and their dreams, much like the Cave of Bolimini protected the residents of Vilafames, is my passion. I love working with entrepreneurs to help them realize their dreams and then watching their ideas and brands grow. ”

Ryan S. Blaney , Esq.


Copyright Filing

Trademark Filing

Digital Assets

Whether you are musician, artist or software programmer, protecting your creative works is of upmost importance. We can help you file your copyright or send a cease and desist letter to anyone copying your work.

Building your brand is key to gaining market recognition and ultimately increasing sales. We can do a brand assessment for you and file trademarks to protect your company name and services.

Are you a tech start up or company working with digital assets? We can help you structure your company to be compliant with all KYC, AML and MTL regulations amidst a quickly changing regulatory landscape.

Entity Formation

When you decide you want to start your own venture, it is helpful to talk with someone about how to set up your company. There are several legal mechanisms to register a business so let us help you determine which one best fits your business needs.

Contracts & Agreements

Contracts, Non Disclosure Agreements, Software Agreements, License Agreements, etc. are vital written documents to grow your business. We can draft and negotiate these for you along with making sure your website privacy policies are up to state, federal and international guidelines.

Blockchain & Emerging Technologies

Disruptive technologies such as blockchain, Fintech and Bluetech are beginning to drive markets internationally. We would love to help you navigate the rapidly changing legal landscape of these emerging technologies.

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For job opportunities, please email us your resume. We’re always looking for new and exceptional talent to lead the firm into uncharted fields of practice.

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