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What Is A Technology Lawyer?

A technology lawyer deals with transactions involving technology and intellectual property. Intellectual property (IP) is protected in law through patents, copyrights, and trademarks. These allow people to earn recognition or financial benefit for what they invent or intend on creating. Sometimes these items are difficult to quantify because they are ‘intangible assets’; i.e., you cant necessarily touch them. The main goal of intellectual property is to create an environment where creativity and innovation can flourish. Technology lawyers assist developers in securing and enforcing their legal rights to their inventions, designs, and artistic works. In short, intellectual property provides protection of exclusive control over intangible assets.

Along with protecting an idea, a Technology Attorney seeks to assist entrepreneurs and larger companies alike, grow their businesses. This means assisting with creating the ideal business entity, creating contracts with vendors, streamlining supply chain processes, providing non-disclosure agreements and potentially creating licensing agreements whereby inventors can share their technology while receiving residual income.

Technology can be far and wide. Examples include:

A.    BLUE TECH refers to ‘ocean-related’ technologies;

B.    AG TECH refers to innovations in ‘agriculture and farming’;

C.    FIN TECH refers to disruptive technologies in the financial industry;

D.    GREEN TECH refers to technologies seeking to help the earth and/or sustainability.

Here at Bolimini International we seek to help businesses in all tech ventures achieve their dreams!

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