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What is an End User License Agreement?

An end-user license agreement (EULA) is a legitimate agreement gone into between a product engineer or merchant and the client of the product, frequently where the product has been bought by the client from an intermediary, for example, a retailer. A EULA indicates in detail the rights and limitations which apply to the utilization of the software or technology.

Many form contracts are typically structured digitally, being introduced to a client as a navigate which the client must click to "acknowledge". As the client may not see the understanding until after the person has just bought the product, these records might be contracts of adhesion.

Software companies often make special agreements with large businesses and government entities that include support contracts and specially drafted warranties.

Some requirements of a EULA typically include:

  • Acknowledgment that the EULA is between the Developer and User, not the publisher

  • Scope of License providing a non-transferable license to the User’s device

  • Maintenance and Support clause indicates that the app publisher (such as Google or Apple) has no obligation to furnish maintenance or support

  • Warranty that in the event of App failure

  • Product Claims that the Developer, not the publisher, is responsible for addressing claims that the App does not conform to legal requirements

  • Intellectual Property Rights reside solely with the App Developer

  • Legal Compliance clause that the User represents that are lawfully using the App

  • Developer Name and Address must be included in the App so that users may contact the App Developer with questions/concerns

  • Third-Party Beneficiary

If you are developing a product and need assistance drafting a EULA, contact Bolimini International today to see how we can help get your App legally protected and ready for launch.

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